Blue mood, blue moon, he had a blue car, too

Ride (Instrumental) – All music rights reserved by Lana Del Rey

It’s easy remembering 

my summer with him

when his love was sweet, 

like honey,

and crazy, 

like violence.

I thought I’d found 

my blue moon, 

a perfect match for

my blue mood. 

In my first attempt

to win over

his heart,

I created some fucked up idea 

of perfection

and how we

were exactly that.

Still, I find myself 

thinking of him 

as I am driving.

And I remember how I’d watch him 

dash and daze, 

dazzle on the highway. 

I was so high, 

but I knew I loved him, 

and I knew

he thought I was fucking crazy. 

People still wonder

why I choose 

to live always chasing

that brief thrill 

that leaves me divided,

time and time, again. 

But I’ve always told them 

the same thing:

In this attempt

to win over 

his heart,

I promised to spend

the loneliest moments of my life

with him.

Home is not a place, 

home is not people,

home is a feeling.

Home is 

somewhere I wish 

to become less afraid.

and as his big red eyes close to sleep,

I felt so safe.

In my final attempt

to win over 

his heart,

I completely

lost my own.