3am conversations at the bar

Very briefly, I was with this guy. And, I still think of him, but I’ll never say nothing.

I was afraid to look at him. Oh boy, he seemed like a very sneaky, stealthy, sly fox in a big-city. And I realized we would never be together.

But, l would think about him.

Forever, probably.

I find God can be cruel that way. I believe that He watches over me and I know in my heart he is everywhere. He is the white lines, miles between, the solitude, desolation and fear. He respects my lust for freedom, how I can live in my best memories of him and never find a true way to escape it.

He said I was the sweetest,

I thought he was the coolest.

Oh boy, it was a funny game on repeat he liked to play. He was just one of those people. I mean, I barely knew him, but God,

I still fucking miss him.


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