Who would you rather be, Pablo

or the Pope? Escobar has all the fun, but the Pope

lives in Vatican City with Michelangelo, Leonardo, and Raphael and

travels around Rome, Venice, and Florence. He was baptized

in the Basilica and sings hymns in the Sixteenth Chapel. But still,

I can’t seem to see or find the God he serves as he lives in

his heaven on earth. I have searched day and night and

although the Pope has taught me to pray for my sins, my spine

has found too many knives gorged into itself, I can

no longer make out the shape anymore. My body is crippled

and disfigured, these prayers have stitched the cracks in my skin

but my regret still finds itself

trapped underneath.

Where is He? Oh Escobar,

I have searched day

and night,

where is the God he serves?


The Pope has given me prayer, but Escobar

has taught me that prayer

is only an illusion.

“Between you and me, we are already

free. While the Pope waits for the Messiah,

my dope will elevate and levitate tired men

to give them hope.”


I think I’d rather be

Pablo. The Pope can serve

in heaven and I will

reign in hell.

Fortune tellers

Life can be so lonely sometimes. as a kid I watched

my mother tie up her hair in pin curls and clips and I remember

how stunning I thought she looked despite the lines

on her thick skin that marked a false,



She tells me I look just like her, and I am both full of 

relief and regret. I’m still not sure how we have created

a cyclical generation of our own heartache, but I am so high and

I have never felt more 


“If you can be slow

and easy, 

I think you can make it.”